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Hi!  I'm Carolanne Rosenberg, a 44 year old 100% service-connected disabled Army Veteran.  I have over 20 years of being in the VA healthcare system.  In 2020, after many years of bullshit care and then a botched shoulder reconstruction, I decided to create a blog detailing not only my treatment but others as well.  Please feel free to share your stories with me and maybe one day getting all this out "there" will help veteran's get the care they deserve.  I run my site myself and in no way am I getting paid to do this nor am I asking for anything.  Since starting this blog, I have found that I not only created a place to vent but to also learn and pass on valuable information for other vets.  Feel free to leave comments or message me and I do my best to respond promptly.  So sit back and relax and read a few posts.  Thank you for checking me out.


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