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Am I a bot? LOL.....

For whatever reason, and it's probably just people trolling but I have had a few ask if I was an actual live person or not. I can assure everyone that has invested their time reading what I have to say that I am not a bot. I have shared real personal information about myself and I did that to help give a backstory, especially after I was questioned about my service record and whether I was even in the military. So I did a post with actually pictures of myself as well as my website Facebook page is connected to my private life Facebook. So I can't get any more real than that.

Some have also made derogatory comments about my attitude and whether it's all just me that this has happened to....I can tell everyone that I have spent years keeping things to myself or trying to go to an advocate, etc. COVID just made the VA have one more thing that could blame when something wasn't going their way or a mistake was made. I truly wanted to call them out to see if just maybe it would help not just me, but many others. I get emails/messages that people tell me their horror stories maybe several times a week. I know there are more. People that ask for help and I have been trying to figure out from my experiences if there is advice I can pass on to them. If I don't get back to people right away it's not because I am a bot or don't care. I have life going on and I work my blog into where I can. I am also doing some research on things so that I may share helpful information with other vets as some have shared with me. So for people to tell me that I have an attitude problem and I am the the problem is so wrong. We should all try and help each other and trying to put me down for something I am passionate about is ridiculous. I brush it off and move on so that I may be of some help to my fellow brothers and sisters.

So to everyone out there that has opinions? I got my own opinions as well and it's not going to keep me from my goal of helping others or at least try to help. I am sure most of you that have so many negative things to message me have no intentions of doing anything positive. I knew going into this that there are ups and owns with doing something so personal and online. I will continue to drive on.

Thank you all who have joined me in my journey with my website. I am trying to do research so that I pass on the correct information on a few topics and one of them is the difference between 100% unemployable benefits and 100% total and permanent disability.

I know that I had no idea there were 2 different 100% disability ratings. I was told congrats you have 100%. It took years to realize my 100% is for unemployable. The thing that bothers me is they just send you on your way without explaining anything or some of the things I heard over the years are things I don't qualify for because that is for the other 100%.

So stay tuned guys and thanks again to everyone believing in me.

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