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Are we seriously doing this again?

So... this has me beyond irritated right now. I am sure there are others that have had a provider from the VA enter some crazy notes in their medical records. For instance, being uncooperative, being disruptive at an appointment, unwillingly to listen, and the list goes on and on. I know it has happened. I have heard the VA police called to unruly veterans before in some area of the hospital. I for one have had a primary care doctor, a new one at that, enter some pretty inaccurate shit in my own records upon our first interaction. I, of course didn't know this until months later when at another appointment and it happened to come up. I was so pissed. Just so everyone knows you can argue things entered on your medical record with a board through the patient advocate. Have I been successful in this matter? Not yet. As soon I found out I could fight the comments that were made, COVID just shut shit down. I have been unable to actually go through this whole thing so I can't give any insight as to what happens afterwards. I know there is a packet that the veteran fills out and submits to the patient advocate with specific dates and such of the the situation. It then goes to the board with the chief of staff of the hospital that reviews the information and makes a decision as to whether it gets removed or not. Now that things seem to be moving, I will get on that.

So.... now to the current situation. So I have gone through this whole pain pump ordeal since getting it November 2019. It has finally been working properly and then out of nowhere I started having the same symptoms as last spring. Last spring after another pump issue, they found I had a severe spinal fluid leak. It was so awful and eventually they had to open me back up last April and use some type of surgical glue. It seemed to work great and things were on the up and up. I was getting back to feeling somewhat normal and able to be active again. I lost 35 lbs and was ecstatic at the results of my pump working properly and actually feeling normal. Then out of no where the same symptoms almost exactly a year later. My pump doctor did a ultrasound and found a small mass of fluid collecting in the exact same spot (lower back just under the site where the catheter goes into my spinal cord). He tells me to get a CT scan ASAP and schedules me with a neurosurgeon right away. Now one problem is the head of Neurosurgery left a few months ago. She was the one familiar with my case and the repair done last year. But....I had to go with someone else. Ok great whatever I got to do right? Well first off the CT scan wasn't very clear and the imaging place didn't send the radiologist notes with the scan. The surgeon tells me to "hang in there"....I really hate that when docs say that especially being in horrible pain. I get the run around after that to the point I called my pump doctor crying that something wasn't feeling right. He then has his nurse call me a few days later to tell me to get a MRI (which I knew was coming). I am anything but normal when it comes to MRI's. I am extremely claustrophobic and I have to have a pump representative from Medtronic(pump manufacturers) because my pump turns off due to the MRI machine and they need to be there to make sure it clicks back on. A week goes by and no call. I am in Sam's Club shopping the other day and the VA MRI calls to set up an appointment. Now I don't get nasty or anything when talking on the phone to anyone from the VA. I mean I was in the store as well so I'm not about to make my business known in the store. I politely tell him I need a rep from Medtronic there and that I usually go to an open MRI place due to the claustrophobia. He said no problem and would call me back in the afternoon after he spoke with the doctor. That was it! No call back that day or the next from the MRI people.

Wednesday morning my pump doctor's nurse calls me from the VA (I have a good relationship with her) and sounded upset. She said, "You need to get this MRI done and stop arguing with the scheduler!" I was confused and asked her what was she talking about. Apparently the guy that called me to schedule the MRI annotated that I was rude and disruptive on the phone and I refused to have the MRI done. I was dumbfounded as this wasn't even close to what happened. Why would I refuse to have a test done that I need to figure out what is going on? Why be a dick and lie about a patient? Why annotate this in their medical record so it seems like your'e an ass to the next doctor that reads prior notes? I know from experience that these notes affect the way a doctor treats you and it's not good. After I explained what actually happened and the fact that I was at the store and the call was only a few minutes long, she said she would talk to my doctor about it and call me back. When she finally called me back she said it was all set for me to go to an outside open MRI place (which I have been to a few times previously). I asked her about what was notated in my records and she said, " Don't worry about it. Call and set your MRI up." Nothing else...nada.

This is really irritates me. I would be willing to bet that their are many, many vets that have no idea that these things happen and wonder why they get an odd interaction with a provider. We have to be proactive in our records. No one else will. They can add crap like this and flat out don't care how it affects us at future appointments. I try really hard to keep my composure with anyone, especially when it comes to VA personnel. I was raised to "kill'em with kindness" as my parents like to call it. It works most of the time. I've watched through the years many veterans losing their minds and then the VA police get called and then where you going to end up?

I'm so over the way VA personnel distort stuff. They claim to be there for the patients/vets 100% when in reality they hate their lives or their job and then that overflows onto everyone else.

I will eventually get this MRI. I mean its only been a month since I originally brought this up and the symptoms haven't gotten any better. It's like they take forever doing anything in hopes we give up or "forget" that something isn't right. Pain seems to be all in our heads.

Oh I forgot to mention...neurosurgery had called me and told me he wasn't a pump specialist and had no idea why he was chosen to look at me....yes this was 2 weeks after I was in the office with him and he didn't mention that.

Until next time....

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