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Hello Everyone...

So I added a brief quiz at the bottom of my page. I am interested in knowing how many of you either use the VA hospital or a loved one does, if you are a veteran, and just a quick question about my mission on doing this blog. You don't have to put an address in the quiz, but I would love to know just a state or city you live in just to show me how far my message goes. Thanks to everyone that has liked my page and read my few stories since I started this before my shoulder surgery. I have regained use of my right hand, which is awesome, but have difficulty using my arm for too long. It would seem that I should be further along with the recovery, but as my luck would have it that's not the case.

I was told in the beginning this was a fairly easy surgery and recovery was 6 or so weeks. After the surgery I got several differing opinions due to the fact I didn't have just one thing wrong, so it could be 6-8 months (and I'm crossing my fingers at that estimate) before I am "back to normal". I have 3 different clinics(Orthopedics, Occupational Therapy, and Anesthesia/Pain) involved and all at odds with each other. This really isn't a shock as over the years the game the VA plays is to bounce veterans from clinic to clinic to bide their time in hopes the veteran just throws their hands up and gives up or maybe just stops complaining about whatever issue it is. There are times someone gets a consult to PT, then after 2 months of waiting find out the consult should've been to orthopedic surgeon, but first they tell you 'lets send you to the lab' and wait for those results(By the way I worked in the VA lab and most tests don't take 2 or 3 weeks for results). This goes for just about every clinic except maybe the eye clinic and dental. I will have to do whole seperate blog on their mental health department because that in itself is shocking to anyone on the outside wondering why 22+ veterans commit suicide every day. If everyone knew how absolutely horrible it is to even get a mental health appointment, let alone on a normal basis, then people wouldn't be so quick to judge the veteran that just couldn't deal with things in life anymore. Thankfully for me I have a wonderful partner that I can open up to about anything and everything, but that wasn't the case 3 + years ago. I will touch more on that in a up and coming post.

Back to what I started to talk about, which was the differing opinions on what's happening with my shoulder post surgery. Right now I had waited over 3 weeks for a nerve block in my neck/shoulder area to help with pain because according to the asshole surgeon, who gave me a lecture on opiates for 30 min about 2 weeks post op, that 'most people don't have the kind of pain' I am expressing. Well...huh...ok I could see if I was begging for meds or whatnot but I wasn't. I clearly asked what is wrong and what can be done about it? I didn't want anymore meds, but apparently everyone there thinks that veterans are addicts and alcoholics. Yea that was told to me, to my face, by a provider at the VA. I am losing track again which isn't hard because as I write or talk to anyone about an experience, stories have side stories and etc...etc. So now I have my Dr that maintains my pain pump wondering why in heck did they take 3 weeks to get me a nerve block for the situation going on and oh yea...I have something wrong now with that rotator cuff in the shoulder they just did surgery on. Also he looked me in the eye and said 'this wasn't anything you did Carolanne, this should have been addressed weeks ago before you were in this state of pain'. Yeah that's great to acknowledge that but what the hell do I do now? I keep going to OT/PT because that can only help me and get the inflammation and pain under control. Alrighty.....

So I have a few good eggs that will go to bat for me as their patient but at what cost? Why can't they all be like that? Why be an ass and make things harder than they already are for the person? I just don't get it. If you are in the medical field just for the money, you need to find another occupation. To make anyone feel like they are less than the next person is complete bullshit.

Until next time.....

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