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I'm still here...on the mend

I haven't been able to post like I have wanted do to the shoulder surgery. It was rougher than I ever expected. I have had setbacks through the healing process and had hoped to have full use of my arm by now and unfortunately I do not. Instead, it's been one thing after another and the VA still using COVID as an excuse to not see patients. Aside from physical therapy, which I had to get special permission to do in person, I have to email or phone the provider. After everything that has happened this supposed shoulder surgeon, who by the way didn't do my surgery a resident did, still says I had nothing wrong and demanded to have surgery! Since when do patients diagnose and demand surgery for themselves and that's even a thing? If nothing was wrong why did my bicep have to be cut and part of it rerouted and screwed into my humerus? I had every possible thing done in that surgery except a shoulder replacement. So if there was nothing wrong why did I end up with all this? It was an outpatient procedure supposedly, but I was inpatient for 3 days due to the shape I was in after. There are so many things wrong with just this experience its sickening. My Occupational therapist, who has been great, is stunned at all of this. What can I do? I get myself in better shape so I can continue to blog as much as I can to tell everyone that will listen how screwed up this all has been and still continues to be.

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