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It Just keeps Getting Better...

So my last post was about my ER visit. I was given meds by the ER and it took 4 days for my primary care to notice and call me. The ER gave me the wrong meds! Not only the wrong meds but I had a reaction, which I told them would happen, but you know I don't know anything I'm just a patient. So I started the new meds and had to treat the reaction to the other meds as well. Freaking idiots. So when a doc at the VA asks "Well why didn't you come to the ER?", this is exactly why, not to mention the only reason the ER seen me (I wasn't bleeding out nor did I have COVID) is because my primary sent me directly there from his office. What the hell is wrong here?

The following Monday(9/14/20), I got a call from orthopedics regarding my shoulder bullshit. He tells me I "have" to go to the Manhattan VA ( 4 hrs from me) to see his "buddy" in orthopedics. I was told that the VA doesn't allow 2nd opinions and I would have to go to another VA closest to me. If it is closest to me then the Syracuse VA would technically be closer(~3hrs away). The reason for this was so his "buddy" could agree with him and cover up the fact that they screwed up my rotator cuff in the surgery. I have before MRI and CAT scan that show I had no rotator cuff issues, it was solely a SLAP tear and bicep tear. Then to accuse me of possibly doing it during my recovery? Oh hell no!! I have the best partner I could ever ask for and it was the first time I did a recovery from a surgery doing nothing! It wasn't easy but I didn't do anything to hurt myself. It is a straight out cover up. So I tell my ortho guy I won't go 4hrs to the city only to be quarantined 14 days after, and not to mention I have kids that have differing school schedules. He says again, "The VA doesn't do second opinions." Which isn't completely true. The thing is if your VA doesn't have let's say a neurosurgeon, like when I had my surgery last fall, they send you either to the nearest VA with one or one in the civilian sector (mine happened to be through Albany Med). I have heard mixed stories from different vets through the years about this issue. It's just like the "if you live more than 40 miles from a VA you can get the VA to pay for civilian practice", but even this is sometimes false depending on who you are talking to. We have experienced, at different times in our lives, all of these. They (VA) will try to avoid civilian option as much as they can, figuring most will just agree and travel hours away for a 15-30 min appt. In my case I have several mitigating circumstances that should allow me to have civilian care. So he said the words that most VA providers do when they don't want to deal with you, "you can go to the patient advocate." That, everyone, is exactly what I did the next day. To make it even better was the fact they know you can't get in the VA without an appt, not to mention the advocate hasn't been in much during the COVID lock down, but I had an appointment the next day. By some dumb luck the advocate was in that day and I pleaded my case. She was needless to say shocked and appalled by everything. I had the 2 docs backing me as well so that helped. She explained due to everything that had happened she was taking it the Chief of the hospital. This was last week on the 15th when the advocate and I had a sit down chat. I got home and right about 5pm I get a call....from the BROOKLYN VA! They were calling to set up an appointment for the ortho surgeon. I said "wait are you serious?" I explained the situation and how I had just spoke to advocate and politely asked her not to put in my records that I was refusing care. (Yes that happens all the time) She asks where I live and when I told her she was astounded and told me she didn't blame me nor did she realize I lived so far upstate. So the next morning (Sept 16) I called the advocate to tell her about the call. She was shocked and said the consult for orthopedic surgeon had been canceled 2 days prior but it was sent to Manhattan VA. It's actually a moot point since both VA hospitals are insanely far away. It's like they want to make it harder for me and think I will just sit down and accept the bullshit. This POS shoulder surgeon at the Albany VA did this on purpose to cover his own ass by sending me to his buddy so he would agree with him. NOT HAPPENING!

Moving ahead a few days, on Friday the 18th, I got a call from the VA stating they were sending me to a civilian orthopedic (OrthoNY) and that my appointment is on Thursday the 24th of September. Why was that so hard? I decided to take it upon myself to go to Release of Information (ROI) office this past Monday (21st), while attending an appointment with one of the doctors that is fully backing me. I had ROI put my MRI's on disc of my last couple of MRI's because the VA isn't required to send films, only the radiologists written reports. Now how much sense does that make? I would want a doctor to be able to view the films in case there is something they see that was missed initially. I can tell you I know for a damn fact the MRI in the spring didn't have a rotator cuff tear, only the MRI after the surgery. I fully expect this civilian Dr to request another MRI be done to see what, if any, changes have occurred since the July films. I will say this has been the biggest clustf*** ever! There was no need for all of this to happen at all. That piece of crap shoulder surgeon that works in the Albany VA doesn't give two shits. He looks like he is just waiting for retirement or death, whichever comes first.

I guess we will see what happens tomorrow!

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