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It's a conspiracy..

Hello everyone. I'm going to try to add something even though my arm situation still isn't the best condition even 7 weeks later after the surgery. I can type left handed to a point but would get so much more said if I had both working for me. Many people that know me personally also know how long I've dealt with the VA hospitals. I've also dealt with more than one due to life changing and moving. They all have their ups and downs but the Albany VA hospital and their lack of treatment or concern is sickening. I have firsthand experience along with a trail of emails from my provider (emails are now a thing due to COVID) that show how much contradiction, backpedaling, and hypocrites is in this whole shitbag of a hospital. I can even post the emails once I take and black out info so as not to violate anyone's privacy.

Going back to my title for today...I get subscribers and a lot I have no idea who they are personally but they have gotten wind of this blog and subscribed. I also can receive messages and a few I sort of expected. If anyone thinks I don't know what I'm dealing with then they are mistaken. Are there entities out their looking to quiet people? Absolutely. Do I think I am getting myself in over my head? Maybe...but change doesn't come from those just accepting shit all the time and keeping their mouths shut. I have personally experienced more bullshit in the last 2 years with this VA that I don't care who hears or sees what I have to say. The ones that legitimately want to help veterans are out there, but problem is they value their jobs more. So they back peddle and nod their heads yes to whoever is in charge when they feel threatened. Human nature and being ex military it's ingrained in us to not go against those in a higher position. But sometimes....sometimes there are people that are willing to put their necks out to help or to change. I am one that has nothing to lose in putting this out there but has everything to gain, whether it helps me or eventually someone else, I will continue on. Will anything I say matter in the long run? I hope so but only time will tell.

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