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It's been a while

It's been a while since I have made a post due to my recovery from surgery. I had a really rough recovery that affected me greatly, physically and mentally. After 3 surgeries this past year, I am so over it. I have had to go through 4 COVID tests and all due to surgical reasons/ procedures. I had drafted this blog about the dental clinic prior to my last surgery and never posted it. I have so much more to post but it's going to be slow going as I am just now able to sit at the computer to do so. This was actually started on December 3rd, and I actually didn't get things straight with dental until just before New Year's Eve.

You know the VA dental has been closed since Covid broke out. I was in the middle of dental work, of course, when all this happened. That seems to have been my luck all year, just one thing after another. So anyway back to the story. I had a temporary bridge put in after the dental clinic shattered my upper molar in a botched root canal, so I need a bridge done. I had a temporary one placed which has broke 3 times now since temporary means temporary, not 6/8 months. So they claimed they couldn't do anything until they had special air filtration system installed. The picture above is their new filtration system, about the size of small trashcan that blows surgical air out. I'm just stunned this is what they waited for all this time to able to start dental patients back.

So back to dental appointment. My dentist had 3 masks on. So if you have all this on plus a face shield, just what???

So, I have my permanent bridge now, only took a year and a half, but it is done. I was informed that due to COVID that Dental Clinic can no longer take emergency/same day appointments which is just utter crap. Why can outside civilian places go about their regular business and seeing patients but the VA is still doing this shit? I got home after the appointment and got a call from the lady that checked me out. She claimed the dentist wanted me to schedule some more work to be done. I was confused as that same dentist I had seen that morning said I was good to go until my next cleaning. I said I want the dentist to call me and explain how all of the sudden I need all this work done on unrelated teeth to the bridge work. That was 2 weeks ago and I still haven't heard a peep. I might also mention the dentists here are all residents that do a year rotation. June of each year the new ones come in and the current ones leave. In the root canal/bridge work fiasco alone, I went through 3 dental residents. Each one clueless as what the last one was doing or whatnot. So yea, I am gonna question why all the sudden a resident I just seen is saying I need all this additional work done. Call me crazy but I am over being a guinea pig.

Stay tuned...

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