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Just as I suspected/expected....

So it should be no surprise to anyone that the VA hospital likes to refer you to one place and you wait....and wait.

Then after you finally get that appointment, that doctor says they need to refer you to another doctor and you wait again only to be referred so much you end right back where you started. Then it just starts all over again. A ridiculous and absolutely vicious cycle of bullshit. In the meantime, we as veterans suffer while we are sent in circles. Now I knew going to my appointment this morning that I would get the run around, but I always hold on to that smallest of hopes that it might be different. Even though I expect the worst and think I prepare myself on how to react and how not to react, I still go from 0 to 100 in anger. I can't even get any words out after I get that enraged. I have learned though to not fly off the handle and have a complete freakout episode because then all the sudden you are a hostile patient. In some cases, those doctors even like to annotate lies in their progress notes like "Had to have her removed by force" or "veteran was so hysterical referred to psych". Am I not as a human being allowed to feel upset or whatnot when I am drug around for months on end, had surgery in the midst of it, and had complications? Who here just nods quietly and does nothing? I have done the yes and no thing up to a point, but to straight out lie to a patient about procedures and regulations is bull. I know for a damn fact they don't want to deal with what is going on with my shoulder. I was told to ask for an outside referral to a civilian doctor since the orthopedic shoulder surgeon is a complete waste of space. So then I am told I can't get that referral at first because "there is nothing they can do that we can't". Well now they say they can't do something so I am told my choices are to go to the Manhattan VA(4+hour drive/also a COVID hot zone so I would have to quarantine 14 days after) or I can go to Syracuse VA (3+ hours drive). I don't mind the Syracuse VA but damn that is ridiculous to make a veteran drive that far because they can't do their damn job in Albany. Also, supposedly all of the sudden it may be my neck that is the issue, it can't possibly be all the work they did in my shoulder surgery 2 months ago....

Was I examined? No. Did my Physical/Occupational Therapist, who was drug out of his stuff into my appt, get to voice his concerns he has about my shoulder/arm situation? No, nothing, nada... Well if I count that he got to say I was going to all my appointments then yea he spoke, but anything else....not addressed just a "We are going to get a referral, no idea when you actually get an appointment, has to be a VA, and yea you not sleeping or being in pain Carolanne sorry about that." I'm like seriously? No shits given...not one. It's all I got for today.

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