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Just try to get in the VA

These are the current pictures I took of how we have to check in now. Instead of a janky tent out behind the hospital they now utilize one of the front entrances with this newly placed cubicle ordeal. And yes if you aren't on the list you aren't getting in period. You can't have a loved one that may need to be there in the appointment. Maybe the veteran is not cognitively able to understand, can't function well on their own, or my personal reason : to have a damn witness to the bullshit in these clinics (that way there is no he said she said situation).

So some tips for anyone that either has to get into an appt with a loved one or if you arent on "The List" at any VA:

1. If you are in a wheelchair (there are plenty outside to grab) they will allow your family member in because they arent about to get off their asses to push the veteran.

2. Most VA hospitals have a credit union in the basement area. So tell them you need to use the credit union. As for this VA it's that specific credit union's only location in the area.

3. Tell them you need to see the pharmacy. In this case, at this VA, they built this desk right in from of the pharmacy entrance so if you are trying to access let's say the patient advocate (which you can't do unless you have an appt elsewhere in VA or else they tell you call and leave advocate a message), tell them you're going to use the bathroom first before going to the pharmacy then proceed wherever.

Yes, this all sounds completely ridiculous that its come to this. I had a last minute emergency appt scheduled the night before for my doctor that deal with my pain pump that is in my stomach. I explain this because these "lists" the have for people are culminated 48 hours before, so any last minute changes are not on these "lists". So I was in a situation that needed attention as my pump stopped working a couple days prior, but I was not on the preprinted list. They gave me such a hard time about not being on that damn list. I said "Miss are you serious? Call Dr X and he will tell you this was an emergency appt made yesterday!" She tells me, "well we have the list to keep veterans from coming and going into the hospital without appts." I responded angrily," Seriously!?? Who the hell wants to come here and just hang out? I hate this place and only come here if it's absolutely necessary! No one wants to hang out for no reason at this dump!" To which she just said "oh you would be surprised."

That does surprise me actually unless they're homeless, which I know during the harsh climate changes they do tend to go into the VA hospitals just to get out of the weather. My point being out of all of this is veterans are unable to access the VA properly. Don't fall for their social media tactics that they are taking care of veterans....they aren't period.

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I can’t agree enough. The “false” narrative that we are experiencing a medical “pandemic “ is bull shit enough. The fact that these civilian snowflakes run for cover and shut down denying medical treatment just solidifies the fact that they are a typical socialized form of shit practiced form of medicine.

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