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Not new to the shit show

Welcome everyone to my personal page about why the Veteran's Affairs sucks. This isn't news to people that know me and are close to me. I wanted to do a blog for ages for several years for many reasons. The main reason is to maybe get my voice heard better. A VA patient advocate can only do so much and sometimes nothing at all(depending on circumstances). Another reason is for an outlet to share my experiences and maybe with getting my voice out there and shared, just maybe some good can happen. The reason I was finally pushed into finally creating this page was the absolute bullshit that has been getting worse while using COVID-19 as an excuse. I have my own feelings about the virus but aside from that no one's health care should completely put on hold. From the VA's actual wording about seeing a doctor(for anything) is : "unless a veteran exhibits signs that they have the virus or bleeding that will cause imminent death we cannot treat you."

This is unacceptable to say the least. I have not only been a patient through many different VA's across states but I also worked at the VA Hospital at one point. The disgust I have at this point has boiled over and maybe putting it out in the open for people to really see how veteran's are treated will get someone to listen and do something, even if it has to be me. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

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