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Senate Majority Leader Schumer vows to save VA Hospitals.....Yea ok...

I was just reading an article in the paper today that Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is vowing to fight the Biden administration against the shuttering of 2 VA hospitals in NY. Those 2 particular VA hospitals I had visited on a couple of occasions before I settled at the Long Island VA in Northport. They were in bad areas, so to speak. One I couldn't even drive to, being that it was in Manhattan, thus making it a difficult commute. The Brooklyn VA was just in a shit hole area, parking was about nonexistent, and the staff at the that time were subpar.

The article continues on to explain how these 2 hospitals service hundreds of thousands of veterans and "give good health care". What in the world does this guy know about "good health care" at these VA hospitals? He is from Brooklyn...hmm...ok. He is the NY State Senate...hmm..ok. I don't see how that qualifies him to give any information on any VA hospital. I could see if he was a veteran that has used the facilities but he is not. I could see if maybe he has any kind of actual experience with a family member getting care at a VA hospital.

I so hate politics and this is one of the reasons why. Politicians try to throw out their to everyone about "we stand for this and we will fight for that" if you vote for them. Then after being voted into a position all those promises fade away. Veterans are told to write to their government officials and get nothing but a mass produced thank you letter with a copied signature. There is no real followup to our letters. I think the only way for anyone to understand how the VA actually treats its patients is for them to experience it themselves in some shape or form. I could argue that maybe these government officials should see it firsthand...yea ok. The thing about that is people know who they are when they come into these facilities and everyone is on their best carpet roll out and all! The problem is they don't take shit seriously with complaints and make it seem that the VA are our saviors...

We have said it before that they should shut these VA facilities down. The government should give vets an insurance option to go where ever and see who ever they want. The VA hospitals could be converted to, I don't know, maybe something more useful? The amount of homeless veterans is astounding. They have no way of combating this currently. They like to think they do but they don't. Take those hospitals and make them transitional living facilities for veterans that need to get back on their feet. They have a place to sleep, eat, and live until they have a steady job. It's just a thought but they need to start somewhere, so why not start here?

Speaking of the VA helping displaced veterans.... I recently seen the mention that they help vets from being evicted, displaced, homeless, etc. I was on that same track with everything that happened with an abusive marriage and being left with 4 kids with no family close to help me. I went to get help. I begged and cried and pleaded for help. I was told they could relocate me but it had to be within Long Island (which is expensive as hell) and I pleaded to them that no matter where I went I could not afford it. They refused to help me unless I stayed within Long Island. I was fortunate enough to have a fellow soldier/friend reach out to me and help me out that wasn't too far away(thankfully out of Long Island). There are others that don't have that luxury. If it weren't for him I would've had to leave everything behind with nothing but what we could fit in the car. Like I said before, things worked out for me luckily. It's not like that for everyone.

So in closing, the government officials speaking about the VA need to know what the hell they are talking about. We veterans can see thru your grandstanding!!!

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