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So dentists at the VA are now astronauts apparently.....

Hello all. It's been a long time since I have posted due to ongoing medical issues and surgeries. I had this post I wanted to do a few months back and it took me a while to get back into the groove of things. I wanted to post about the VA dental clinic. The picture I posted above is now what dental clinic personnel have to wear while in with patients. I almost chocked when I seen them come around the corner after what seemed 30 min into my scheduled appointment to suit up in these suits. It seems a bit much and I might also mention the dentist and her assistant had masks on as well with these suits. I mean what's the point of wearing a mask when you look suited up for space?

The next 2 pics are the other new additions to each cubicle. the long arm machine they put near you mouth as they do work and the air purifiers. Now if anyone is familiar with the VA dental clinic knows that they are set up with one cubicle after another (these are not actual VA photos, they are stock photos from the internet of the same items). Our clinic must have 2-4 hallways of 10 or so cubicles and each one has all of the following equipment now.

After a little over a year of waiting for my bridge to be finished and held up over COVID and other issues, I finally got it finished. The time it took to complete this took 3 times as long as it should have at that appointment due to all the suiting up and these new machines being implemented. This in turns should tell anyone that it cuts their ability to see patients to a 1/3 of what they were seeing prior, not to mention they no longer make same day emergency dental appointments due to COVID, yet I can get my children into same day dental and doctor appointments in the civilian sector....what's the deal? This whole issue that started with my mouth was from an incompetent dental resident that did a botched root canal 2 years ago! So in all honestly this whole ordeal has taken 2 years to complete!

I am over the whole COVID excuse to keep veterans from getting the appointments they need. Things are open in the civilian sector so why is the VA still acting like its in a shut down mode with little to no appointment availability? I have had 3 surgeries since October (not dental related), that have been done in the outside sector. I guess I should feel lucky that the surgeries weren't done in the VA, as I am sure I would've had some nightmare like the botched shoulder surgery I had last June.

Thanks for those continuing to hang in there with me. I will have more posts coming soon!

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