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Still on the mend..The VA still sucks

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

So I am still healing from this second shoulder surgery that I had. The physical therapy is absolutely brutal. I mean I question whether its a bit too aggressive, but hey what do I know? I am having my next surgery on December 8th for an entirely different situation. My pain pump that quit working has to be taken out and replaced...good times. I'm really over this whole year in general.

I am sick of feeling like I don't matter and that my pain does not matter. I am sick of my kids having to see how much I struggle day in and out. I am plain sick of the lies the VA hospitals put out to the media that veterans are 100% satisfied of their care prior and during COVID. Its a complete farce to put it mildly. They want mainstream media to believe they give a shit and in reality they are pushing as many vets as they can to another clinic, off to another provider, maybe that final push that sends them over the edge. Then when they have that push that send them over the edge, the VA wants to butt in and say how they had done everything in their power to help them. IT'S BULLSHIT!!! They don't give a rat's ass about the patients, just how they look to the public. Yea put your damn masks on and take pictures for the news and papers and show how awesome the VA is during the pandemic....when it's all a complete bullshit lie! They aren't seeing patients, not like they should be. Outside civilian provider are seeing patients, I know because I take my children to appointments. I have been sent to civilian doctors by the VA(because they can't do their damn jobs), so normal people are able to go to appointments but veterans...nope. The answers i get from the VA is they are trying...trying what exactly??? To push more vets over the edge and that'll be less they have to deal with. They lie period.....and this is where vets end up....

So I am on the NY Veterans Hospital Facebook pages and they constantly post how they are working hard everyday to accommodate vets and make the VA the best they can during the pandemic...Really??? Because we haven't seen shit. The VA continues to not make appointments available for veterans. Whoever runs these pages, removes anyone with legitimate questions for these asshats trying to look like they are running the show. I am one of them that has asked, "What veterans have you actually polled for this poll where you state 100% of vets polled are satisfied and happy with the VA during this time?" No answer, no comments deleted along with others crying out the same questions. I wish I could say I was surprised but I am not. Will it deter me from posting in the future on their posts?? Absolutely not!!

So until then I continue to try and heal from a mess the VA created and await this next surgery. I will try to keep up the blog when I can. It's been difficult trying to use one arm to type and such but I need the venting, the putting the information out to others. Until the next time...

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