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The Saga continues....

So some of you may know I am having surgery tomorrow for the torn shoulder injury I have had to pretty much deal with on my own since the end of February. It took a lot of phone calls and emails (since the VA hospital is closed for the most part) to have anyone help me. The chief of surgery had to get involved after I had a complete melt down over being told "Sorry we can't do anything, we can't see patients due to the corona virus". Not once was I examined by my primary or any other doctor, but I will say I was sent to CT scan and MRI. I am getting a bit off track so we will fast forward to Pre OP with my primary care doctor, who is the biggest, unfeeling, piece of crap I have ever met. Did he examine me? Nope. His nurse took my vitals and then she set my labs up along with an EKG. He didn't do anything else. Oh wait...he did do something else. He insulted me and my significant other by saying I was just stressed and should see psych about my stress and he wasn't giving anything for pain, which by the way I never remotely asked for any medications. Instead of addressing the 20+ lbs I've lost in the last month or so due to my inability to eat from the pain I've been in, he literally tells me I need to see nutrition about losing some weight! It's always the same song and dance with the VA hospital. Instead of addressing the problems at hand they deflect it with something else. I could be dying from a heart attack but they'd want me to stop smoking, lose weight, do yoga, and take coping skills classes before actually taking care of the immediate issue. These are the same doctors and nurse practitioners that sneak out back the VA hospital to smoke and stuff their fat faces. You want to preach to me about certain habits then be a good role model! I will say that the nursing staff for the most part, 97% of the nurses, do everything for patients. The doctors might spend 10 minutes with you and can't forget the doctor takes a listen to your heart with his stethoscope. This guy has gone so far to ask if I need a social worker to deal with life! All most of these doctors do is pawn you off to another clinic/doctor/resident to keep you in a viscous cycle of shuffling while not accomplishing a damn thing. I will have more of the "Primary Care" adventures in the near future.


This past Monday I went for the Covid-19 test in order to be cleared for surgery. After all I heard previous to this about the test etc..I expected a whole different experience, but after all this is the Veteran's Affairs we are talking about. I had to be at the "VA Drive thru Covid testing tent" by 1pm. We got there shortly before that time as usual. It is a crappy makeshift tent that one would maybe fit 3 people in it, no directions, no signs(how to park, what to do, etc) and no one in sight. I will say it was the end of lunch time there and as everyone knows the VA hospital stops from noon to 1pm. I asked 3 people in scrubs that walked by our car if I was in the right place. They adamantly told me they didn't work for the VA hospital and had no idea. Long story short we sat and waited and when the 2 nurses cam out with their little cart to this tent, they had to put on almost full hazmat suits before addressing us. It was maybe 2 seconds of a swab in each nostril, so not that serious as we've all watched in the media or maybe the VA hospital was just doing a shoddy job? Why did my boyfriend, who was in the car with me, have to protect himself from me with a mask (they told him to put it on)? Then tells me I might find out results in 3 or 4 days i have surgery in a couple days so yea just nonsense and obviously not informed enough to explain properly to patients being screened.

So tomorrow I will be at the VA hospital for my surgery and I am hoping to be able to report the outcome of that and fingers crossed it all goes well. I have complete faith in the nurses for the most part, but the shoulder I still haven't even met him. The usual thing for the VA hospital to do is tell you an experienced doctor of so many years of experience is the one that will doing the surgery, but then you wake up in recovery and the medical student (resident) is the one that actually did the surgery and bumbles through some explanation. I guess we will see tomorrow morning....Until the next time.

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