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This is unacceptable!

If you all have been following my blog, you will see that I do post a lot about things being unacceptable with the VA healthcare system. This article just enraged me. The short and sweet version (link to article is below) is: President Biden is considering diverting resources from the Department of Veteran's Affairs to the ongoing border issues to help illegal immigrants. Yes...reread that...this was presented at a congressional hearing.

You know when I started this blog/website, it was to vent my ongoing frustrations that my spouse and I have gone through and continue to go though. I then decided that I could also use this platform to share other things that relate to the Department of Veteran Affairs. When I read this article I knew immediately that I was going to share this. I have posted the link just below.

So with Title 42 about to expire on May 23, this is the plan? Title 42 is removal by the US government of persons who have recently been in a country where communicable diseases are present. This means illegal immigrants are quickly expelled by federal agents during a public health crisis. The amount of people coming over the border is astronomical. Biden has suggested pulling VA personnel to help treat illegal immigrants after this Title 42 expires. This enrages me as these political figured think they know how the VA works and how veterans are treated when in actuality they(politicians) aren't treated there and if they do a PR stunt with showing up to a VA, the red carpet is rolled out and everyone is tripping all over themselves to make it seem to these politicians that the VA is #1.

If they were indeed to do this, we as veterans would be in even worse shape than we are now as far as getting appointments and proper care. Getting appointments and proper care is already a damn issue that isn't being addressed enough. The grandstanding that politicians do around elections about how they will change how the VA is and blah, blah......BLAH! It's all bullshit. The article states most veterans are waiting 22 days to 42 days for appointments...yea that's a damn lie. Try 6 to 8 months....waiting for an appointment. Yes I am aware of the Mission Act which is supposed to help veterans that can't get an appointment within a certain amount of time go through the Community Care program and be seen by civilian doctors. This hardly happens unless a veteran throws a fit. If you give in and don't fight for the option of Community Care, they(the VA personnel) don't even bother bringing up.

So back to this situation. If they pull VA personnel to be at the border to treat illegal immigrants, what will happen to all of us? I will tell you that it will definitely throw a wrench into their already shit system!! So we wait a year or so to be seen by a provider? I still believe that all VA hospitals should be shut down and used as transition centers for veterans. Then veterans could have some form of insurance to use like anyone else in the civilian sector. We wouldn't have all this bullshit trouble of getting an appointment in a timely manner or deal with doctors that shouldn't even be in the medical field.

I don't have an answer for what they should do at the borders. The amount of people trying to make it into the US is staggering. I won't even pretend to understand any of it other than their quality of life they think will change coming into the states. But why take what little quality of care veterans have away from us? It's poor quality at best and it just gets worse and worse as the years go by. Will I change anything directly with the VA healthcare? I would like to think I could but in reality I don't think it'll do much. I can only hope that one day the things I put out on my website may reach the right person that actually has some authority and can start to do something...anything at this point would be something.

I sincerely hope that this whole thing with the border and redirecting VA personnel to the border is squashed. I don't even understand why this was even a viable option. I think that politicians should have to receive care from a VA for at least a year or 2...maybe even a term in office. Maybe then there would be an actual voice for change and we as veterans and voters would feel like they were really rallying for veterans and not trying to bury us all.

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