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Tricare For Life coverage and Medicare

I like to share resources so that other veterans can be informed of what's available for them. I had started sharing resources after another veteran had reached out to me to give me information on how to use my Medicare. I had Medicare for almost 10 years and had no idea how to use it nor did anyone initially guide me. There are so many amazing resources that I had access to and I never even knew until about 6 months ago.

So this brings me to my post today. I had someone reach out to me to have me share some interesting information on Tricare for Life coverage and Medicare. Now, with that being said I do not have Tricare for Life but I know there are veterans that do and maybe don't know about the untapped resources offered when eligible for both. I am attaching a link to their page for those interested in learning with these two things combined can do for you.

I hope this information can help and I am happy that someone reached out to me to share it on my website.

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