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VA and Fingernail Study?

Been a while since I have posted anything as I have gone through yet another surgery. I am so sick of surgeries and going through recoveries. I feel its been a never ending cycle of them since November 2019. So that brings me to today's interesting entry.....all about fingernails!

A week or so ago we got a letter from the VA regional office and it was just weird. It was looking for veterans to participate in a fingernail clipping study with the mind blowing, "up to $600 in reimbursement for participation". I don't know about any of you all but this sounds suspect to me and weird. I like how they don't really explain what they are looking for but I think its similar to how a spinal tap works in finding out past drug use history. It would be a much less invasive test but nails grow a fairly decent rate so I am not sure if they expect to find the nails have the ability to hold minute amounts of drugs just like hair follicles. Therefore, maybe they are trying to figure out a way to discredit veterans through another means than urine screens. When someone presents a study to keep nail clippings to study a veterans health, I just find it highly suspect. I mean if they said, "We are trying to test for exposures to toxins while you were stationed at x, y, or z....." I would think they would have a better outcome of participation. Even then with as many of us that were exposed to contaminated water at Ft. McClellan, Camp Lejune, etc, I would still find this study odd. Those of us exposed at any duty station shouldn't have to wait until we have some aggressive form of cancer or some reoccurring maladies to prove exposure.

It is truly disgusting that we volunteered our lives for our country, yet we are treated like common criminals trying to get medical assistance. For instance, I somehow fractured my arm and tore ligaments, most likely overuse, but I kept pushing through the pain everyday until it got so bad I required this most recent surgery. Why did I wait? I am tired of being treated like we make up injuries to get medication. So, I put off going to get checked out because I didn't want to deal with it. I shouldn't have to beg anyone for help or try to prove that I'm actually hurt. It's shit like this that really pisses me off. We as veterans are being treated like common criminals, and for what? Just like back in the day while in service and when you got hurt you avoided sick call because of the treatment a soldier received just from going. I avoided going after an injury back then and it snowballed to the point I almost couldn't walk and required massive back surgery to "try" and fix it. We have all been programmed to "suck it up and drive on". That mentality doesn't just go away, it's always there.

I'm sure that there are some others out there that have received the same study paperwork. I am not saying that you shouldn't do it but I would definitely think twice about what you're signing up for. Because if its what I think it is and you maybe dabbled in something 20 years ago, they may be finding ways to justify stripping veterans of benefits that you're receiving. Now from what i know nails can only show findings for the last 6 months. Oddly enough the fingernail study is a 6 month program, coincidence? I think not! I don't find this too far fetched as I knew someone about 20 yrs ago that had 80% service connected disability and worked at the VA hospital. He refused to go to his yearly physicals at his primary VA doctor and used his insurance. They told him that veterans have to see a VA doctor at least once a year if receiving VA benefits. If he failed to do so they would reduce his award for failure to comply. He didn't believe they could to that and then guess what? They stripped him down to 10% rating.

To wrap things up, think really long and hard before becoming a guinea pig for damn medical students to do their research on. Read between the lines of what is really going on because that $600 of possible reimbursement just isn't worth's really not.

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Private sector ironically has more accountability for poor quality care than the VA does.


Yep! I have been begging to get a referral to an actual breast cancer center for the six month mastectomy scar checks for four years.

They first lost my referral, in 2020, delaying the cancer diagnosis.

I will not go to the VA again except when I absolutely must go.

I am sorry to hear it.

Surgeries are rough.

Congress really needs to dismantle the VA and make something new.


Michael Dennewitz
Michael Dennewitz
04 de ago. de 2022

Ohhhhh, the shit I could share with you about the VA! Of course, you know, the muzslimes are trying to take over the VA.?? I haven't gone to that damned place for blood work in months. I have a private heart dr now!!

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