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What in the Fitbit hell is going on here?

Not only did I get an email today about fitbits for veterans but I seen it on a Hulu commercial break and about lost my shit. Really? Fitbit? So I guess it's time to stop the pushing of yoga on every veteran no matter the physical limitations and give us all Fitbits! To help with our health during the pandemic????? Seriously who comes up with this rhetoric? I mean if the doctors actually did their freaking jobs we wouldn't need a fitness watchband to monitor us. Ugh his just makes me want to puke. Hey you want a Fitbit, good, great, just don't push it on to all vets like it's a miracle device. Just like yoga was pushed as this all encompassing mind, body, and soul crap and it's not for everyone. Just like certain medications aren't for everyone. It's absolute madness I tell you.

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Are you serious? Take that crap somewhere else. This isn't the place for this nonsense.

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