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"You're not on the list"

Today I thought I would give my experience with the VA hospital today. First off it was almost impossible to get this dental appt, yes due to the coronavirus. The VA dental has been repairing something that last summer a dental intern botched. In February of this year I had a 2nd temporary to replace the 1st temporary bridge. Yes that was a lot of stuff to get out there in order to bring us to today. The dental temporary pieces aren't meant to last months and months, they are freaking temporary! The actual permanent piece they've had since March but the whole world falling apart due to the COVID crap, they couldn't put in my permanent piece. Well flash forward 3 and a half months later, my temporary fell apart. So all things considered I was lucky it held out that long. When I called the VA Dental I was told they couldn't operate as a regular dental clinic because they don't have the proper COVID filtering systems in place for any aerosol particles. Well since dentists have opened up in the civilian world I told them to send to one of them because I had horrible pain just sipping water due to the tooth being exposed. The answer was no because the VA has a dental clinic they just can't see patients. So what the hell are we supposed to do? I was told to call the patient advocate(that's a call and leave a message type deal right now and someone will get back with you). I wasn't particularly happy with that answer so I called and called until I demanded to speak to the head dentist. That was Wednesday and I had a call to come in today(2days later). I have attached the card that was mailed for the dental appointment which even my kids got a laugh out of after reading it.

So wear a mask at all times for the appointment? Well they was an obvious oversight since it's DENTAL! Anyways they have this COVID tent entrance to take temp, ask stupid list of questions, etc... As I am waiting to go thru all that I hear that our names have to be on the list to get in the hospital! Seriously?? My boyfriend, a service connected veteran himself, has to wait outside in the parking lot with a porta potty! If you aren't on the list then you aren't getting in. A guy behind me got dropped off and looked to have broken his foot/ankle. As I'm being asked all the questions I hear them ask if he is on the list. He says, "What list? I need the ER. I think I broke my ankle/foot!" They literally tell this man to exit the tent and wait out in the parking lot area in the heat with a possible broken foot so they can get him on "The List". Are you freaking kidding me??? I am trying to keep my language under control in this blog and normally I curse up a storm, but this was utter bullshit and disgusting! I know that piece of shit ER doctor. I stood and watched his ass scurry into the side ER entrance and left the guy there. Oh and no, that ER doctor wasn't scurrying to help, we have had many run-ins with this guy and he is a straight up piece of garbage who's outlook on how to run the ER when he is in charge is "All veterans are alcoholics and/or drug addicts" "There is nothing wrong with you follow up with XXX". But I digress, that is another story all together. My point is we are supposed to feel like the VA is there for us, emergency or not. The Albany Stratton VA is one of the worst VA Hospitals Ive ever experienced. I may have said that before but I've been a patient to several different ones and each had definite issues but this is outright bullshit! "Oh sorry your leg is broke, oh sorry you have something wrong that isn't COVID, so sorry we can't help our hands are tied"

I'm sick of it!

Back to the dental appointment, I didn't have to wear a mask during the visit. Pretty obvious but had to tell that part due to the above pictured appointment card. The head of the Dental Clinic was the one that made a new temporary while having aerosol and whatnot in the air, but they can't just put in my permanent one without the 'COVID filter system'. Good guy but even he side commented how asinine all of this was, not to mention the crappy work done by one of HIS residents. It was a resident that botched a filling, that lead to a root canal, that lead to her shattering my tooth down to the root, then tried to pull it damaging it so badly I had to have the head oral surgeon complete it and apologize to me for her actions.

One more thing to add to this because it needs to be said. I appreciate fully that I receive dental. I am 100% service connected therefore my dental is free. But someone that is 80% service connected has to pay out of pocket for civilian dentistry. Basically what I'm getting at is dental should include any service connected vets regardless if they are under 100%, because if you're 99% you still aren't getting dental (99% isn't actually possible I don't think but you see where I'm going with this).

So today's lesson is don't go to the Albany Stratton VA hospital if you need help during this COVID shit. They'll leave you out in the parking lot until you make 'The List'.

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